The Horizon Fund was created at Staffordshire University in 2013, bringing together those who wish to undertake charitable giving on any scale, with those of our students who are most in need. As a result, more than 1,000 students have so far received bursaries, scholarships or opportunity awards ranging in value from £20 to £2,000!

We have always been immensely proud of our work to raise aspirations, improve life opportunities and widen participation in higher education. The Horizon Fund helps students to achieve dreams they never thought possible.

Please take your time to read through the stories of our students, to see how a simple act of kindness has been life changing. We hope you consider offering a donation to the Horizon Fund and helping to transform the lives of even more students.

On behalf of everyone at the University, we want to thank you, our valued donors, and everyone who has contributed in any way to the opportunities each generous donation creates.

The impact of your support is transformational

Why I give...

It’s important to look back at where you came from and give something back. I would encourage anyone to get involved – it really is mutually beneficial.

Danny Smith

To help those students who need it most, and to know I’ve contributed in some small way to enhancing their student experience!

Nichola Edwards

I just wanted to give something back to this area. I would encourage other people to consider doing this if they can.

Jane Matthews

Supporting young talent in the local area is extremely important to us. We want to give back and benefit future filmmakers.

Inspired Film and Video

To have the opportunity to contribute something back is most fulfilling.

Stephen Gould

Because I know what it feels like to struggle financially and if I can help, I will. 

Alexandra Morley Hewitt